Still-Life & Tabletop

Still-Life & Tabletop – 1992-2012

a body of photographs in various media

From a long-running body of photographs, a series of still-life images of domestic spaces and tabletop microcosms. The images are highly directed and carefully set up, often prominently featuring fragments of other images. The photographs offer a view into a closed world where things and their representations are on equal footing, with dream-like narrative potential.
The images within the images take on an uncanny presence due to careful optical manipulation (before being photographed- not in photoshop).

Anamorphic optical distortion gives them a perspective that fights their apparent material qualities, making room for imagination and metaphor. Subject matter ranges widely, from alchemical experiments in meaning, the linguistic interpretation of birdsongs, figures, landscapes, and narrative moments from spaghetti westerns, and the history of painting prints and drawings, both high and low.