Rift / Strait

Rift/Strait – September 2014

Anamorphic Video Installation – Taos, New Mexico

Two abstract swirling pools flow around the bases of reflective cylinders at opposite ends of the projection. From viewpoints opposite each cylinder, the reflected images resolve into water flowing past a stone and clouds over a mountaintop.

Viewers are encouraged to wander in the swirling projected imagery on the floor, slowly finding the view in the cylindrical mirrors, which reward their curiosity with a perceptual revelation: the abstraction in constant motion resolves into familiar landscapes. The two moving images share a theme of water and earth, in the form of vaporous clouds rolling over the mountains and a river flowing past rocks.

Rift/Strait was presented as part of The PASEO, a festival of installation, technological, and unhangable artwork as part of the Taos Fall Arts Festival in September, 2014.

Thanks to Agnes Chavez and the PASEO