October 9, 2016 – Four Current Exhibitions

October 9, 2016 – Announcing four overlapping exhibitions in New Mexico, Colorado, and North Carolina.

This fall, Ethan Jackson’s work is exhibited in four exhibitions in Taos, Denver, and Charlotte. The Harwood Museum of Art hosts Azimuth / Altitude, an interactive video and light environment; the Museum of Outdoor Arts’ Reinventing the Image includes Jackson’s photographs; his optical installation Five against Eight is on view at UNC Charlotte’s Projective Eye Gallery; and also in Charlotte, The Light Factory will host new works in video and light.

FlightTwo never before exhibited photographs will be on view as part of Reinventing the Image, a survey of regional photography at MOA in Englewood, Denver. Jackson’s works are still-life photographs with layered imagery and uncanny perspectives that give onto a dreamlike microcosm. The show opens Saturday, October 15 from 6-9PM, and runs from October 15 to December 17. For further details, see their Facebook Event.

Azimuth/Altitude is an interactive light projection with sculptural columns at the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos, New Mexico, accompanying the exhibition Continuum: Light, Space, and Time. Pools of swirling abstract light fill the floor of a large gallery, flowing around the bases of two reflective columns at opposite ends of the room. From viewpoints opposite each cylinder, the reflected images resolve into the familiar light and landscape of Taos and the Rio Grande Gorge. The installation runs until the end of October.

Five against Eight is an architecturally integrated optical project that is part of the Heightened Perspectives show at UNC Charlotte’s Projective Eye Gallery, September 16 – November 30. It is an architecturally integrated optical work that uses views of the neighborhood, street life, and the skyscape to build a luminous collage on curved fabric wall-elements. The 13 camera obscura apertures are arranged in a visual polyrhythm (5 against 8) that fills the matched curves of soft nylon rear-projection cloth.

Opening November 18, The Light Factory in Charlotte will host Part 2 of Heightened Perspectives, with two new works in Jackson’s video and light installation series using curious anamorphic perspectives to explore light, landscape, place and perception. Like the present Azimuth / Altitude installation in Taos, the Light Factory project will include video-sculptural works that can be physically explored and viewed in-the-round. Viewers’ curiosity and exploration will be rewarded with revelation of order within chaotic abstraction.



Also recently completed and on view permanently in Denver, clerestory is an architecturally integrated optical work that brings views of the sky into the library’s vaulted Storytime Tower, a place used for storytelling in the children’s collection. Whenever the the sky outdoors is bright, the vault is illuminated by images of the sky, clouds, treetops, and neighboring building. The imagery changes constantly, a direct live projection of what is happening immediately outside. The projection is natural, with no electronics or power source other than the light outside.