Mount Hope Meadow

Mount Hope Meadow – April – May 2009

Architectural Optics – Williamstown, Massachusetts

The Mount Hope Meadow optical installation took place in Williamstown, Massachusetts in spring 2009. The building is an old stone carriage barn, the setting an open meadow. The optics produced a long panoramic view of the skies and treetops on the ceiling and an inverted landscape on each end of the room. Through the run of the installation, the landscape changed from late winter’s dead grass and bony trees to a lush green field and newly leafed forest.

Various arrangements of up to nine optical systems created a living panorama of sky along the ceiling, with similar but distinct views of the sky staggered and repeated down the length of the room. At times, up to seven suns would appear and disappear behind rolling clouds, while the brown, green, or yellow of the springtime fields came and went in the changing light.


Thanks to Bob and Carol Stegeman