March 1, 2015 – Anderson Ranch Arts Center

March 1, 2015 – Current projects include an ongoing public art commission for the City of Denver’s new West Denver Public Library. Ethan is working on a permanent large scale camera obscura quarter-dome high in the ‘Storytime Tower’ feature, a prominent part of the Children’s area. Due for completion this year, the project will involve the most advanced custom optics Ethan has yet designed, and a unique curved ceiling system designed to make the most of the available daylight. Imagery of the sky, horizon, and neighboring buildings to the west and south will blend across a planetarium-like domed ceiling during all daylight hours.

In February, Ethan began 10 weeks as artist-in-residence at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, Colorado. He’ll be working on the ongoing public art commission, on new optical works, and on electromechanical control of optical components for works in development.

Later this year projects will take place in Oregon and New Mexico.