Gape – September – October 2014

Large-Format Anamorphic Photographs with Mirror Bases

Gape is a body of large-scale photographs with unique mirror-bases. The imagery is human-scale, appearing from across the room like a giant gaping eyeless mask, its open mouth like a cave you could crawl into, mysterious and dark. They are the distorted forms of hundred-year-old Pueblo pots, enlarged, stretched, and inverted.

Drawing close to the image, you see that the surface detail is formed by an intricate basket-weave texture, with countless tiny tessellated shapes in organic rings. This absorbing texture brings you close enough to lose all sense of the mysterious form of the image, but allows you a view down into the mirror at the foot of the print, which offers a view of the pot originally photographed. The pot seems to sit on the floor at your feet in its original form, waiting to be picked up and filled.

Gape is an ongoing body of work, originally presented in at Gallery Sugata, Kyoto / Tokyo, Japan in September 2014.


Thanks to RACC and Gallery Sugata